• #1 - Pin Payments Subscriptions handles your site’s subscriptions and payments.
  • #2 - Painless, fast, and easy integration. Check out our guide.
  • #3 - Security is covered. We’re PCI-DSS compliant. Read our FAQs.
  • #4 - Pin’s customer support is second to none.
  • #5 - Process one off payments
  • #6 - You own your own data - it’s portable and accessible.

Our Customers Love Pin Payments Subscriptions

Painless Changes

“Thanks for making it so easy to switch gateways... it literally took me 2 minutes to update [Pin Payments Subscriptions]. Subscriptions started processing without a hitch. It worked flawlessly.” - Luke Ehresman, NeoBudget

Quick Integration

“We thought billing would be a big investment. We ended up spending MUCH more time working through the business side of things than coding the [Pin Payments Subscriptions] integration.” - Adam Covati, Argyle Social


  • Manage recurring subscriptions and payments.
  • Complimentary subscriptions for customer appreciation.
  • Pro-rating for mid billing cycle upgrades or downgrades.
  • Tiered pricing with support for unlimited levels.
  • Fully featured test sites are always free and easy to use.
  • Detailed documentation for easy integration.
  • Worldwide currencies for international businesses.
  • Support for dozens of international gateways.

Simplify Your Payment Solution

Pin Payment Subscriptions is flexible so you can focus on your business, not your payment solution.

Painless Integration

Anyone can promise a simple setup. Pin Payments Subscriptions actually delivers. Whether you’re using Rails, PHP, or Java, the integration takes hours, not days.


Simplify your subscriptions. Billing, sign ups, upgrades, cancellations, free trials, tiered pricing, pro-rating, recurring logic - there's a lot to consider. We've got it covered.

Gateway Independence

Always get the best value. Switching gateways can lower your payment processing costs and decrease frustration. We don't bind your company to a gateway. Switch to one of our 25 other payment gateways in minutes.

Own Your Data

The data we collects is yours. You can access the information we've stored on your behalf. We have a process that you can complete to receive all your sensitive data.

Superb Service

We’ve added a gateway for a single customer. Provided one-on-one technical advice. Going above and beyond is in our DNA. You’ve got a business to run. We're here to make payments simple.

Worldwide Gateways & Payments

We’re global. Pin Payments Subscriptions team counts 68 countries, 30 fully supported gateways and dozens of currencies. Don’t see your payment or currency of choice? We’re always willing to expand our list. Our team is notorious for helping our customers integrate their preferred gateway.

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South Africa

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Payment Collection


Specific Features


Stability & Security

  • I'm not in the US. Can I use Pin Payments Subscriptions?

    Absolutely! We may not support a payment gateway in your country yet, but we're happy to add one for you.

  • Does Pin Payments Subscriptions support currencies other than USD?

    Yes: when you create your Subscriptions site, you can choose what currency you'll transact business in on that site. If you don't see your preferred currency in the drop-down get in touch - we'd love to add it for you.

  • Can subscribers who have a different native currency buy from me?

    Yes, what happens is that Pin Payments Subscriptions submits the charge in whatever currency you've chosen as your primary, and either your gateway or the subscriber's credit card will take care of converting the transaction into the subscriber's native currency.

  • Can the Pin Payments Subscriptions payment interface be localized?

    Check out our Payments API - it allows you to provide a fully custom experience that you can localize as you see fit.

  • What payment gateways does Pin Payments Subscriptions support?

    See the latest list of supported payment gateways.

  • Can you add support for any payment gateway?

    We do have some minimum requirements to support a payment gateway, the primary one being that we can charge against an account on an ongoing basis without requiring any intervention by the account holder. Google Checkout and 2checkout are examples of two payment gateways that are nearly impossible for us to fully support.

  • How does Pin Payments Subscriptions pay me?

    Pin Payments Subscriptions never touches your customers' money - it goes straight into your merchant account. So the real question is: how do you pay Pin Payments? The answer is that we charge your credit card or other payment method every month for your monthly and transaction fees.

  • Can I integrate Pin Payments Subscriptions with technology X?

    Pin Payments Subscriptions only requires the ability to do standard HTTP calls, so absolutely. For more details, check out our integration page.

  • How do free trials work?

    Pin Payments Subscriptions supports two different kinds of free trials: payment info up-front, and no payment info required. In the former, customers sign up for a paid plan, enter their payment details, but don't get charged until their initial period expires. In the latter, customers subscribe to a plan and have access until it expires, at which time they can enter their payment details and get a paid subscription. Both forms of free trial ensure that the customer does not get more than one trial.

  • Can I charge clients usage fees on top of their regular subscription?

    Yes you can. We have a simple api call to do just that.

  • Can Pin Payments Subscriptions charge my customers a one-time setup fee?

    Sure thing - it's as simple as specifying an amount and a description for the setup fee in your subscription plan.

  • Does Pin Payments Subscriptions support charging for usage rather than time?

    Our metered plans allow you to charge based on any criteria you'd like and allow you to specify when the fees ought to be captured.

  • Does Pin Payments Subscriptions have VAT support?

    Not explicitly, but we can easily accommodate it; see the recent support discussion for details on implementing VAT with Pin Payments Subscriptions.

  • Can I host the Pin Payments Subscriptions payment process on my own domain?

    Yes, using the Payments API.

  • Is it possible to customize the look of the payment screens?

    If you need a custom look, for now you'll want to use the Payments API. Down the road we plan to allow customization of the Pin Payments Subscriptions payment pages so you don't have to host them yourself, but we're not there yet.

  • Is Pin Payments Subscriptions going to be around for the long haul?

    We're low on overhead and high on passion, so we'll be doing this for years to come. We run side businesses of our own on the Pin Payments Subscriptions platform, so we're vested in its success in lots of different ways. Of course we can't guarantee the future, but at this point we spend a lot more time worrying about how to help our clients succeed than we do about whether Pin Payments Subscriptions will make it.

  • Who's using Pin Payments Subscriptions?

    For a few examples check out Ars Technica, Neobudget and Weewar.

  • What if I need to move to a different service?

    We'll work with you to get you a full export of data, including credit card information. For obvious reasons we have to do some high-ceremony security before releasing the data, but we will make it happen.

  • What about security?

    The security of your customers' information is a *big* deal for us. We're extremely motivated to keep it safe, as one of the big advantages of using Pin Payments Subscriptions instead of doing billing yourself is that security becomes our concern instead of being yours. One of our founders is focused on nothing besides the security and stability of our platform, and he has extensive experience with keeping financial data safe.

    Can we guarantee security? No, unfortunately no one can do that. But we're doing everything in our power to keep data safe since we know all of our clients are depending on us to have their backs.

    Also, if it helps, we think Bruce Schneier is the man. Just sayin'.

  • Is Pin Payments Subscriptions PCI DSS compliant?

    Short answer: Pin Payments Subscriptions is fully PCI compliant. Long answer: right from the start, we've built Pin Payments Subscriptions to meet and exceed the PCI Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). We have achieved PCI DSS compliance by addressing and fulfilling all the requirements laid out in the SAQ-D by the PCI Security Standards Council. While we are pleased to be fully compliant, our "gold sticker" is simply a point-in-time measurement of our efforts to date. The whole Pin Payments Subscriptions team pledges to consistently improve our security efforts and be continually vigilant in protecting all types of sensitive financial data.